Week One

Well that was all very weird. Everything feels slowed down (except the working from home hours) and going out feels like Austin in 1998, pre-boom, still a little sleepy.

We went on more walks. I made tortillas. Nate read and made art. There were strange signs and portents. And we all closed out the week with a Saturday night dance party featuring a remote DJ Mel.

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Shutting Down

Today Austin mandated all restaurants go to take out only and outlawed gatherings of more than 10 people. We’re worried about how everyone is going to make it through this incredibly lean time. I bought some gift cards to our favorite restaurant online, and we’re looking at ordering from different places, but I don’t feel like it’ll be enough to keep everyone afloat.

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Strange Times

Last Monday (03/09) I went into work, met people in rooms, and shook hands with one of them. (Though I did felt weird about that and went and washed my hands a few minutes later.) The Boy went to school and The Wife went to work.

By Friday seeing groups of people close together on TV shows (shaking hands, clapping shoulders, breathing each others’ air) was jarring, as if I was seeing people from a distant time engaging in strange and foreign rituals.

Today, Monday 03/16, we are all working from home. Non-essential retail stores (Apple, etc.) are closing. School will probably be cancelled for the rest of the year. I haven’t compulsively checked the news as much since 09/11. We are trying to maintain routines, and create new ones.

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How Do We Look

This was a really enjoyable read about what we get out of art. I could have read twice as much.

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An American Plague

Ahh, something else to be afraid of. And I learned who Walter Reed was.

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Locke & Key

Compelling premise, characters and setting undone by possibly the worst, most unbelievable final episode I’ve ever seen.

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Well acted character study. Some really striking scenes. Not really about the heist.

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E had a small carcinoma removed from her ear this morning and we got out early and went to see a movie at the Drafthouse Village.

Good movie. Inequality poisons the rich and the poor, but we all want to be rich.

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Aftermath Life Debt

A big popcorn movie of a book. Looks like I’m reading the trilogy.

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Deep Down Dark

A compelling read about a barely imaginable experience, and a look into a mining subculture that exists within the larger Chilean culture about which I am mostly ignorant.

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