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Old Pictures

I’m cleaning out old work emails and coming across a bunch of stuff I don’t want to delete. These were taken at the wedding of Michael Trice and Shannon Vyff, I’m guessing by Ilse as she emailed them to me on 05/21/2007. The wedding probably would have been that weekend. We all look so young.

June, finally.

May was a tough month. Elaine got sick on the 8th, got bounced around by different doctors as her fever kept going up, was admitted to the hospital on the 13th with 105.5° fever, was there until the 20th with what they think was Typhus, got slightly better, went to the ER on the 25th with chest pains where they made sure she didn’t have pulmonary clots, went back to the hospital on the 26th with another fever, and got out again on the 29th after being diagnosed with an opportunistic secondary infection (a cold). Though Elaine is still weak from being sick for so long, none of this is supposed to have had an effect on the small person we are increasingly calling Nathaniel.

While all this was going on we were living in Ilse’s house while she was in Europe and then at my parent’s house for a bit while the plumbing in our house was being repaired. (Thanks Ilse and parents.) We’ve since moved back in, though the floor in the hall is covered with plastic sheeting until our new flooring is installed on the 10th.

Also occurring during the month of May: both our cars went to the shop and when we moved back in to our house it was infested with fruit flies, some bugs that looked like mosquitos but didn’t bite, and a mouse that I beat to death with a suitcase only to have Sadie abscond with the corpse.

Here’s to June being a better month.


Big changes coming to our house in the next couple of months as we get ready for The Boy. I’ll try to post pics as things progress.


Cable Free

We unhooked the cable box a couple of days ago, and today I called and had the service canceled. (20 minutes of hold time followed by 15 minutes of trying to convince me not to leave.) We are now officially cable free. I think we’ll be fine with all of our scripted shows, as they are all available for purchase or streaming. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the News Hour yet.


I tried to have DirecTV installed this past weekend, but our trees on the south side of the house are too tall. Since that didn’t work out we decided to buy an AppleTV and cancel our cable altogether. We have Hulu Plus and Netflix and iTunes and the internet, so we’ll give it a couple of months and see if we feel like we’re missing out on anything. It seems like just about everything we watch is available elsewhere, the main problem is that it is available in a lot of different elsewheres. Going from TV+Internet with Time Warner to Internet only with Grande will save us over $100/month, and the internet is supposed to be faster, so we’ll see if the savings is worth the trouble.

For months now we’ve been paralyzed by every milestone, thinking the next one might be the one we fail. Every test we passed gave us hope, which gave us more to lose the next time. All along I thought that I’d eventually get past the last uncertainty, but life is always uncertain.

Today we learned we’re going to have a son.


This is me making a post from my new iPad. How many times do I have to feel like I’m living I’m the future before I get used to living in the future?

Safety Not Guaranteed

Going out to the movies every weekend was getting expensive, and I wasn’t in the mood for Lincoln, so we stayed in and rented Safety Not Guaranteed. I was afraid I’d be put off by the characters (because I’m old and crotchety,) but they were all pretty well realized and it turned out to be a sweet and engaging film. Then I looked it up to see why it didn’t make a bigger splash at the box office and found out they made it for $750K, which is pretty impressive. I hope they get something from my $4.99 rental.

Movie Run

We have gone to the movies every weekend for 5 weeks, which is pretty unusual for us.  We’ve seen:

Really short reviews:

Looper: Really good if you don’t overanalyze.

Argo: Really good if you don’t mind earnest.

Cloud Atlas: Good but flawed.

PoBaW: Better than I expected by a mile.

Skyfall: Good, I think. But there was a loud jerk next to us that kinda ruined it. I hate that guy.

Pinwheel Yeast Rolls

I came home tonight and decided to make rolls.


Four hours later they are done.


There were a few casualties.