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The First Mac…

This will probably be of interest only to other Apple people and/or geeks. With that said, I give you the first Mac…


The Lovely Wife loves this dog, and I love The Lovely Wife, so this post is for her.

Presents! Presents!

This is really a test of this link I’ve added to my browser where I can click it wherever I am on the web and it will give me a pop-up box with a pre-formatted link to the page I was on in a box in which I can create a blog entry, as I am doing now.

I had to use some page worth linking to in a post, so here it is…

Our Amazon Wedding Registry

If you haven’t gotten us a wedding present, I know you have a year from the wedding date, but I wouldn’t wait that long if I were you. If you have, any of the items on the list would also make a great birthday present on February 9th. Or you could just go straight to my Amazon Wish List. Whatever. Your call.

Lord of the Dance

This is a picture I made to accompany an evite to my birthday party. I am the handsome gentleman in the rear, from L to R in the front we have Christina, Ilse and The Lovely Wife. Well, she’s usually lovely, my photoshop skills are not so good.

If you think you were supposed to get an evite, and you didn’t, I probably don’t have an email address for you, or I just forgot. So send it to me. And I’ll add you.

Christina’s Birthday Pt 2

The Lovely Wife at Ararat.

Birthday Girl.

My favorite link of the day so far…

Hereafter referred to MFLOTDSF, if there are more…

Right now, we have Dog Judo.

Four shorts that get progressively funnier as they go.

Christina’s Birthday

Tonight was C’s Birthday. We all ate at Ararat. I took no pics, as I can’t find my battery charger right now, but I will get some of Ilse’s tomorrow and post them here. Good night…

Joyner Housewarming…


everyone stare at the midget

…before the party…

no offense to those involved, but this is just a terrible picture

janna hates diane


the wall of cool