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Juliana’s last day in the office is tomorrow, 04/26/05. To commemorate her departure I give you the following photographic retrospective. The first picture here was taken in October of 2002, shortly after I got my camera. I have been annoying her, and everyone else in the office, ever since.

Good luck with your new thing.


Sparky is a baby possum. I wasn’t going to name him, but I took Laura to see him and she said, “Whatever you do, don’t name him, or you’ll be sad if he dies.” My brain immediately created the name Sparky because it hates me. I’m not certain that this wasn’t Laura’s plan all along.

Ilse and I first saw him Monday morning, around 8:30. He was walking around by an outdoor table at work. He was shaking, and looked pretty bad. We visited again that afternoon and gave him a fruit bar of some kind. He seemed to be in much better spirits. He was not shaking, hissed at Ilse and was running around in the bushes.

We saw him again today, and gave him some more food. We’ll see if he’s there tomorrow.

Sparky Sparky Sparky Sparky Sparky

When I grow up…

When I agreed to help the lovely girlfriend (now the lovely wife) through college, with the understanding that when she was done it was my turn, I never quite expected it to happen. It was one of those, “sure, I’ll put 5% of my income into a 401(k) because I’ll be old someday, whatever”, decisions, even though you can’t really picture yourself shuffling down the dogfood aisle with your Goodwill walker if you don’t. It just seemed like the right choice. Would you like to learn things, do something more fulfilling, get paid more? Of course. Easy. Now we’re fast approching the time where I might actually have to do this thing, and the doubts are kicking in.

Do I like to learn things? Well, sure, but I’m already fairly smart, if I get smarter, would I have to be all uppity? Also, I’m not great with deadlines. I have to feel like it. Sometimes I feel like reading art history, sometimes I study medicine, sometimes I try to learn what the best single malt scotch is in my price range. (I’m currently auditioning a bottle of Balvenie 12 Year Old Doublewood, and I recommend it. Hell, maybe I should go to Whisky School.)

Would I like to do something more fulfilling? Yes. There’s not much question here. What I do now doesn’t make the world any better. Not even incrementally. Nor does it really engage the mind. If I could make a living at one or the other or, g-d help me, both, well, that would be swell.

Would I like to make more money? Sure I would, but it’s not of primary importance, which means I probably never will. I’m fine with that. What I’m most worried about is the possibility of making much less money, at least while I’m in school.

So, let’s synthesize all this data, shall we? I would like something more fulfilling, but I’m afraid of making less money and I don’t want to learn on someone else’s schedule. Those sound like pretty weak excuses to sit on my ass for the next 40 years.

OK, so I should probably go to school. Now I just need a major. Any suggestions?

Sin City

I don’t write movie reviews like hankblog, so I’m not going to get all detailed like he does and give you a synopsis and analysis and make you use your brain too much with the big and pretty words. If you want all that, go read his, it’s very nice. I read it twice.

I’m just here to tell you that I saw Sin City, and it’s fun. Everything is over the top and stylized, including the noir dialogue, which was often hilarious. There is also an insane level of violence and quite a few breasts, or, as JenJ prefers, titties. If you like all of the above, I heartily recommend it. And if you don’t, you’re probably a communist.

Dork (I’m A…)

This guy (WMV file) looks like he’s probably very, very lonely, but I wouldn’t mind being able to pull off a couple of his moves at my next poker game.

The video was taken from this site, which not only has several more videos of the above referenced, ahem, “Flourishman”, doing his card manipulations, but also has videos of pen spinning, cup stacking and something called xtreme digits. And a guy shuffling cards with his feet. The juxtoposition of gee-whiz coolness and bizarre, uncomfortable dorkiness is incredibly compelling.

Of course, anyone who devotes themselves to one thing to the exclusion of all others for a long enough period of time is going to look a bit dorky to those on the outside. Much like me with my unattractive pictures of attractive people, an ongoing project for the past 2 1/2 years. At least Flourishman and the others can probably get some free drinks out of their hobby.

P.S. The first person to recognize the song title that the title of this post is a take-off on wins a prize of some sort. Let’s make it the next free iTunes code I get from the 12 Pepsi products a week I’m drinking. (Mountain Dew Code Red is disgustingly delicious… urp) Leave the song title, artist and album name in comments. Oh, and sorry to The Lovely Wife, you’re not eligible.

No Post Today.

Except for this post to say there is no post.

Today is crazy and my brain is full.

80% work.
18% beer-lust.
1% seething, impotent rage at my lot in life as a wage-slave.
1% guilt because, relative to most of the people on Earth, I’m at least a house slave, and I should be more grateful.

That leaves 0% room for post.

So I will just give you a link to an idiot. Courtesy of Floyd.

It tastes like burning…

How to speak good, or well.

This is an interesting test where you have to listen to a regionally-challanged word out of context and see if you can tell what’s being said. When you’re done with that, and you’re feeling superior to the freakish mountain folk, go here to see how many words you regularly mispronounce. Of course, they have to say it’s an “Opinionated Guide” which “offers suggestions on how to pronounce … words”. Which sounds like prescriptivists trying not to upset descriptivists.

Which means my side is winnin’ tha culture war! Yee-haw!

NewsFire. Mac RSS with Style.

If you’re using a Mac, like I do for half the day, and you have several blog/news/whatever sites you constantly check, this is highly recommended.

“Wasting time clicking through your bookmarks to find updated content?
Obsessively clicking ‘Refresh’ on your favorite news websites?
Enter NewsFire, an elegant way to monitor your news feeds and
be notified of updated content.”

It’s a very simple interface which performs a very simple task, and makes me wonder why checking my feeds used to be so complicated.

Hankblog – Go get it if you don’t have it already.
JenJ – Move into the 21st century. Don’t be a hater. Embrace the feeds.

Gallery Test, Pt. 2

The first gallery test yeilded some lukewarm responses, and deservedly so. All those layouts sucked. I was using some Photoshop templates trying to make my life easier and they were too busy, too focused on being pretty and not on being functional. (aww, just like me) For instance, there was no back button to the main page without going through every picture backwards. Lame.

The one thing I gained from the experience was learning how to get Photoshop to take a folder full of picture and spit out perfectly sized thumbnails for all of them in about 2 seconds. After that, with a thumbnail folder and a fullsize folder, making something like what we have below is pretty simple.

Thanks to all the participants for not hating me too much for taking your pictures. That is, except for Debra, who I know hates me with a fiery passion for taking her picture. I started out with just pics of a single group, but had a couple of others work their way in. Mr. Joyner, you get in with your wife, and Shiuly, you don’t really have a group, and I thought you might be lonely.

Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic

Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic

Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic Click for big pic

Let me know what you think…

Just to be sure I’m clear, when I ask what you think, I’m specifically asking if you think this is a viable gallery interface for future postings. I’m not asking what you think of the pictures themselves because they are, for the most part, unattractive pictures of attractive people. It’s my gift, and I’ve decided to run with it. You can, of course, say anything you damn well please regardless of what I ask for, as this is America, and God said you could. Amen.


I don’t go to church and I don’t miss it, but when I was young and my parents were trying to get me interested, something like this could’ve helped. Especially this part. As it stands, I had to wait until my late teens to learn about that. (NSFW, if you and your workmates are minifigs)