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Happy Anniversary

It’s been 100 years since Einstein’s “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” was published on June 30th, 1905, so raise a glass to the demise of the poor luminiferous aether. Unless it’s not really dead, but just reborn as spin foam.

I now officially have no idea what I’m talking about.

Question for everyone

I have an ongoing debate with several people about whether it is possible to empty your mind and think of nothing. Feel your ass in the chair and the wind on your face, but have no verbal thoughts in your head about anything. I say yes, they say no.

I was gonna leave this open for comments, but some of you seem a little shy, so I added a poll feature. It’ll be in the right sidebar, scroll down if you don’t see it. Click the button by your answer and click vote, easy as that. (Assuming it works.) Even if you never leave comments, surely you can take two seconds to settle my bet, test my new plugin, and be a part of something larger than yourself. Well, really just those first two things.

Oh, and for you people who do comment, you now are expected to comment and vote. The bar has been raised.

Try Not To Yawn

There’s a joke in there somewhere about how my blog is boring and makes people yawn, but I just got out of bed, so make it up yourself. No one has determined yet why we yawn, but, if reading about yawning hasn’t started the contagious yawning, see if you can make it through Emilie’s Don’t Yawn Game. I couldn’t.

Chicken Saag

In an effort to eat less junk and cultivate some kind of culinary skill, I’ve decided to cook at least one meal per week. Starting…… now.

Tonight’s was Chicken Saag, or chicken with spinach curry, served with warm naan. Everything, except the naan, was made from scratch. I pressed garlic, grated ginger, peeled and diced onions and tomatoes, cut up a green chile pepper and pureed spinach. All of this somehow came together to make something pretty damn tasty, which is good, because otherwise I would probably have gotten discouraged and never cooked again. I was gonna take some pictures of the process and then one of the final dish, but I got too involved in the cooking and, when it was done, too hungry. Maybe next time…

Dog and Cat Friday!

OK, I don’t hate all cats. Here to keep the regal Gretchen company is Ilse’s little Jools, attacking the foot of the lovely wife.



Oh yeah, go Spurs.

Ararat Pics

Pics from Ararat with the food and fire dancing, then a few from the the Parlor.

Bow to His Noodly Appendage

Oh my. I love this. Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

(thanks to JG for the link)

Card Converter

Made me think of you, BP.

The Card Converter Plugin makes little cards for your poker blogging.

For example:


Draughthouse Pics

Last night at the Draughthouse with Ethan and Julia, Jen and her girlfriend whose name I can’t remember (Diana?), Eddy and Sheila and the lovely wife.

I own plants.

Bought some plants today. Potted them.