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Frontline: Ghosts of Rwanda

13. Frontline: Ghosts of Rwanda
Ghosts of Rwanda

I am fascinated by Rwanda. What led up to the genocide, how it started and progressed, how we (the first world) did nothing to stop it and a few things to make it worse, how it continued, then ended, and how a country that’s been through something like that can even still exist without tearing itself apart. Mostly, I guess, it’s about how this could have happened outside the grainy black and white newsreels from the 40’s, because that’s where genocide is supposed to stay.

Click on the text link above the picture to be taken to the Frontline site for this documentary. It’s packed with interviews, video clips and more. If you’d rather read, I can’t recommend We Wish to Inform You… enough. I’ve read it twice, and I’ll read it again. To read about genocide in the 20th century and America’s response to it, I’d suggest A Problem from Hell.

Music 2006

To complement the Movies 2006 page there is now a Music 2006 page. Next up, Things I Picked Up Off The Ground 2006, to be followed by a comprehensive table listing every time I urinate, the length and strength of flow and a handy color chart. Or I could stop with the 2 I have now.

LED Throwies

Yes, LED Throwies. OK, there may be some slight enviornmental issues with these, but just watch the video and tell me you don’t want to make some too.

We’ll need 250 LEDs with batteries ($129.95) and 250 wee magnets ($104.00). Help me come up with the $233.95 and I’ll spring for the roll of tape and a bottle of Jamieson. Who’s with me?

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Small and Cute

Pictures of the newest family member can be found here. He belongs to my parents, and he has 5 sisters if you’re interested. TLW and I wanted to name him Inigo Montoya, but we were overruled.

God Bless the Internet – That’s right, you heard me. Places with beer. On a map. When I can get information like this projected onto my retina wherever I happen to be when I get thirsty, then I will be done with technology. I’ll need no more.

Blade – Trinity

12. Blade: Trinity
Blade - Trinity (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (New Line Platinum Series)

This whole series is big and dumb, but likeable. That’s right, I’ve seen all three, and I liked them. I’m not ashamed.

More posts recovered, public starts to get bored.

Wow, I found 24 more posts from February and March of last year via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The wierdest thing about the Wayback Machine? When you pull up one of your old pages, and you click on one of your links to another blog, it takes you to one of their old pages. Also, I’d completly forgotten that my page ever looked like that.

Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

11. Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Full Screen Edition)

Um, yeah. Ok. Let’s start positive. There are a couple of really good moments in this film. They both occur in the last 15 minutes. The helmet descending onto Darth Vader’s head. Luke, as a baby, being delivered to his Aunt and Uncle on Tatooine, and seeing that familiar landscape, with the waterpumps or whatever they were surrounding the igloo house. That’s the best I can come up with, but I had a strong, visceral reaction to those two shots… a reaction I’ll never have for anything I saw for the first time in this movie. As for the negative, well… let’s just try to go out on a good note. But this is your warning, Lucas. I’m done. Let it end. You’ll get no more of my money.

Blog Revisited

I’ve been a bit off the blog recently, between the post-vacation blahs, the not smoking angst (20 days and counting) and general blog burnout. That is, until yesterday, when I rescued some of my old posts from oblivion. In the midst of searching for them, there were a few big, important posts that I really wanted to find, posts that I still think about sometimes, posts that I thought were really good. I didn’t find them. What I did find was mostly made up of pictures of friends and pets, links, quizzes and assorted crap. And I really enjoyed reading it. My readership of 3 may not be overjoyed that the “I Own Plants” post was restored, but I really liked that day, and now I have it back.

So, in the interest of moving forward with some sense of organization about the place, I’ve created a bunch of categories which you’ll find to your right. This place was getting pretty unwieldy last year before I erased 300 some odd posts, so I’m trying to head off that happening again. Looking for a pic I posted of you last year? Maybe it was saved, click on Photos or Friends to find out. Really want to see my dog? Click on Pets. I created a Monkeys category, and was surprised when there was nothing to put in it. I’ll get on that.

Old posts saved, public rejoices.

At the beginning of November I moved to a new webhost. (site5, since you asked, and we’re very happy together, thanks) I was so anxious to get away from Yahoo webhosting and move on with my life that I skipped a pretty important step. I won’t go into great detail here about the very tecnical aspects of the problem, but, well… ok, fine. I didn’t back up my db. If you know what I’m talking about then you know I’m an idiot, and if you don’t, you probably suspected.

Anyway, I was checking my visitor log today, and clicked on a google search that brought someone to my page. Lo and behold, there was one of my old posts, cached on Google! (The search that started this all, oddly, was a Google India search on “Terry Gross is Jewish“) I pulled up the source code, copied the pertinent data into WordPress, changed the date and presto, my post was back. I started to wonder how many of my old posts I could find on Google, and thus began a quest of hours. At this point I have resurrected 57 posts from January and April – July. I’m not sure exactly why I couldn’t find anything from February, March, or August – September. I guess I’d need a better understanding of how Google works, how long they save this information, what their criteria are, etc.

Most of the old links work (even to the pictures), though some of the stuff, like the hit counter on links, is a little wonky. Also, all of my comments are gone. I could have saved a few of them, but that would’ve been a much, much bigger pain in the ass.