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Happy Birthday to Me, Part II

Thursday I got to eat, and share, a crazy stupendous cake, made by the inimitable Holly from work. Chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate-espresso ganache in the middle and topped with chocolate-espresso truffles. I think that’s what it was, I’m not sure. I went into a short coma after eating a slice and woke up about an hour later. If you have the chance to eat anything that Holly has baked, climb over the person in front of you and eat their portion, too.


Friday, as my present to myself, I took the day off and had cable installed, with the all-important DVR. While I’ll admit to lameness in being happy that I’ll never have to decide between CSI and Grey’s Anatomy again, I’ll defend myself with dorkiness and admit that I’m most excited about never missing another episode of The McLaughlin Group. I love that show, and I hope John McLaughlin lives to be 150.

I also bought an album, Gulag Orkestar, by Beirut. (iTunes link) It’s excellent, check it out.

That night, my parents took The Lovely Wife and me to Austin Land and Cattle (not to be confused with the far inferior Texas Land and Cattle) for steak, followed by a stop at Opal Divine’s, where I had a glass of Balvenie 1966, a scotch older than me. It was all fantastic.

Saturday I went out with The Lovely Wife and bought a bicycle, which is something I’ve been wanting for awhile. I am too sedentary, Spring is coming, and I’ll never look like this if I don’t get off my ass. And riding a bike is fun. Or it will be, after I get past the part where it hurts.

Sunday is today, and it will mainly be a day of rest with some preparation for the upcoming week thrown in. It’s been a good weekend.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 37th birthday. I took the day off and relaxed, had digital cable with a DVR installed, and will be going out for a steak this evening, courtesy of my parents. All in all, a pretty good day.