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Added a page named “Lust” up there in the top right corner; it will be a repository for all of my base, material desires. Now that it’s up I feel like I should balance it out a bit, maybe add a page named “Charity” full of links to worthwhile causes that I support and think you should, too. I’ll get to that right after I go look at the picture of the D200 again. That’s a damn fine camera.

P.S. Maybe I should change the page order or something, every time I look up there for the link all I see is “About Me – Giant Weiner, Dog Lust”. It’s disturbing.

St. Patrick and the Sprouts

St. Patrick’s Day was a bit of a wash. We got there around 6pm, which I figured was a perfectly reasonable time to start partying, only to find everyone there many hours and many beers ahead of us. After a couple of hours it was apparent that we were not going to catch up, so we went home. The Lovely Wife did make a nice green gingham skirt, which I guess she’ll get a chance to wear again in about 361 days.

Since we were there for such a short time there were no pictures taken. There will still be garden pictures, as soon as we get some sprouts. Maybe I could set up a nice time lapse series…


I’m on Day 4 of a 5 day weekend, and I’m feeling pretty relaxed. I need to do this more often.

Today I planted a tree and a couple of rose bushes, day before yesterday I planted some flowers in the front planter.


The Lovely Wife has started a huge garden in the backyard, and I’m about to leave for St. Patrick’s Day Festivities. I’m sure there will be pics of those things eventually.