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Ethan and Julie are married.

Well, it happened. I stood up and performed a wedding. it was a beautiful day, Ethan and Julie looked fantastic, and their friends and family are kind and generous people. Which you would expect of two kind and generous people, had they not been friends of mine. I practiced my little speech for hours with my extremely patient wife, and as a result I projected well and only forgot about a third of it. The most important third, the go-for-the-heart third – but I don’t think anyone really noticed. I think I could do it better given one more chance. Not another wedding, mind you, just that one – one more time.

Oh, and I was so full of adreneline before the event that I forgot my camera and didn’t get a single picture. Hopefully I’ll get a couple from some of the other people there.

[edit] It seems that Julie created a Flickr Group named Ethan and Julie get Hitched. Right now there are only two pictures in it, and none of the wedding day, but hopefully that will change.

To those of you who don’t know/use Flickr – use it. It is awesome. And it doesn’t make you create a damn login to see pictures that other people have uploaded. I’m looking at you, Zardaiken, with your damn Snapfish full of damn pictures that I can’t see. Damn damn damn. [/edit]

Ethan and Julie

This is Ethan and Julie. They’re getting married this weekend. I’m performing the ceremony. This is us, planning the ceremony. I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure it’ll all turn out ok. Or I will ruin their lives.


I grew this in the backyard. Then Elaine cut it up, I took pictures and about 3 bites, and then we left it in the fridge for weeks and wound up throwing it out. Lesson: grow things you would normally eat. It was pretty, though.