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I haven’t had a landline for 12 years, ever since I got a mobile phone. I still have the first mobile phone I owned and it is huge. The most recent phone is an iPhone, and it’s not only smaller, I’m also posting this blog entry from it. The point is that, for me, as soon as I got that giant brick of a phone 12 years ago, the landline was obsolete. There was nothing it could do for me that the monochromatic brick couldn’t. The reason I make this point is that, as of last Tuesday morning, when I walked into the Time Warner office and handed them my digital converter/DVR/feed-of-zoned-out-happiness box, we no longer have a television.

We do think we were spending a little too much time in front of it, but we aren’t some hippie Luddites that will now spend all of our new found free time making hemp jewlery, or whittling. We really love television in general, and quite a few shows specifically, and all of it is available somewhere else. If I can’t get it on iTunes, it’s on the network website, and if it’s not there I can Netflix it. If I really like it I’ll buy the DVD’s. I don’t think cable has anything to offer me anymore. We’ll see if I feel the same in a month or two.

Best Christmas Ever.

Thanks to the presence of Molly and Olivia. You exceeded my every hope, and you are both welcome anytime.