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Hello 2012

2011 brought Google+, which didn’t destroy and replace Facebook the way I’d hoped it would. The fact that I wanted it to so badly did serve, however, to demonstrate to me just how much I wasn’t enjoying Facebook. It still has its purpose, and I’ll still check in on people, and my profile, periodically, but I think the hourly scanning of the endless sharing is done. So far 2012 seems to be about simplifying, and Facebook is generally the Twinkie after the dessert after the meal.

Which brings me back here.

I still feel egomaniacally compelled to document my passing through the world, just less compelled to share it in pithy one-liners. So I think I’ll start this up again. Hardly anyone read this to begin with, and I’m guessing over the past couple of years that my readership has dropped to zero, which is comforting. This can be the holiday newsletter version of my life. Freely distributed, recorded for posterity, and rarely read.