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January 2012

The Girl came back from Christmas in Utah and promptly decided to move back. She says it’s school/friends/familiarity/etc. I assume it’s a boy. She’ll be leaving 02/14. I anticipate a week or two of meat-centric meals and socializing with adults, followed by some kind of crazy empty nest syndrome. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new dog in the house by March.

Also in January of this month I started, and mostly abandoned, several Bento databases devoted to everything I ate, spent, watched, read, etc. It would have been interesting to see all the data after a year, but it was really time consuming. Turns out it’s more fun to eat, spend, watch and read than it is to log it all. I think I’ll try to keep the movies and books going, as they don’t have to be updated that often.

Elaine turned 39 on the 8th, which was a Sunday. To celebrate we took some money I had saved, went shopping and ate at House Pizzeria and Contigo.

I started 11/22/63, got about half way through and thought that everyone seemed pretty happy, so I put it down. I assume I’ll read the rest eventually, where I’m guessing everything will go to hell, but I’ll let them all be happy for awhile. Read and finished Consider Phlebas, which was good enough for me to order the second in the series. I do like my space operas.