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Safety Not Guaranteed

Going out to the movies every weekend was getting expensive, and I wasn’t in the mood for Lincoln, so we stayed in and rented Safety Not Guaranteed. I was afraid I’d be put off by the characters (because I’m old and crotchety,) but they were all pretty well realized and it turned out to be a sweet and engaging film. Then I looked it up to see why it didn’t make a bigger splash at the box office and found out they made it for $750K, which is pretty impressive. I hope they get something from my $4.99 rental.

Movie Run

We have gone to the movies every weekend for 5 weeks, which is pretty unusual for us.  We’ve seen:

Really short reviews:

Looper: Really good if you don’t overanalyze.

Argo: Really good if you don’t mind earnest.

Cloud Atlas: Good but flawed.

PoBaW: Better than I expected by a mile.

Skyfall: Good, I think. But there was a loud jerk next to us that kinda ruined it. I hate that guy.

Pinwheel Yeast Rolls

I came home tonight and decided to make rolls.


Four hours later they are done.


There were a few casualties.



Last night a made pan seared salmon with grilled asparagus, today I am trying a chorizo stuffed pot roast. Pics to maybe follow.

EDIT: Ok, no pics, as it wasn’t much to look at and I was too hungry to bother. I’ll work on making things tasty first and then work on my presentation.

St. Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel #1

Made it to Black Star by 4:00 to buy three bottles of St. Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel #1. One for this weekend, and two to age.

Bishop's Barrel #1