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June, finally.

May was a tough month. Elaine got sick on the 8th, got bounced around by different doctors as her fever kept going up, was admitted to the hospital on the 13th with 105.5° fever, was there until the 20th with what they think was Typhus, got slightly better, went to the ER on the 25th with chest pains where they made sure she didn’t have pulmonary clots, went back to the hospital on the 26th with another fever, and got out again on the 29th after being diagnosed with an opportunistic secondary infection (a cold). Though Elaine is still weak from being sick for so long, none of this is supposed to have had an effect on the small person we are increasingly calling Nathaniel.

While all this was going on we were living in Ilse’s house while she was in Europe and then at my parent’s house for a bit while the plumbing in our house was being repaired. (Thanks Ilse and parents.) We’ve since moved back in, though the floor in the hall is covered with plastic sheeting until our new flooring is installed on the 10th.

Also occurring during the month of May: both our cars went to the shop and when we moved back in to our house it was infested with fruit flies, some bugs that looked like mosquitos but didn’t bite, and a mouse that I beat to death with a suitcase only to have Sadie abscond with the corpse.

Here’s to June being a better month.