Vacation 2016: Day 1

It looks like the last time I entered anything here was vacation 2015, and I made it one day into a vacation that included a trip to Norway, arguably something more interesting to write about than anything that’ll happen this week. Vacation 2016 is really just me taking a week off in between work projects, so I’ll probably post everyday.

Day 1:

Peter Pan putt-putt with Sophie and Molly. Sophie paid because she was the only one with cash. It was fun, but really, really muggy.

Lunch at Whole Foods downtown, also with Molly and Sophie. So many well off white people. I had a pretty good bison sandwich, the girls ate… fruit. And discussed buying yoga pants to husband hunt at WF.

After lunch we came home and I took a nap. Picked up the boy. Went to store. Watched a movie.

Activity: putt-putt.
Movie: Housebound.
Naps: 1.
Home improvement: 0.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    So far you are not accomplishing much! But, vacation is all about kicking back and relaxing…..right? That, you have accomplished!!! ????

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