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Silly Belgians.

If poor young people stop having babies, who will make your Big Macs for you?

What’s that? African immigrants from the Congo? Oh, ok. Never mind.

Good Friday

This is one of those stupid holidays that is good enough for schools and daycares, but not good enough for the business sector. As a consequence, there is an infestation of midget people in the office today. I find them sleeping under desks, darting out of doorways into my path, and pinning horribly colored drawings onto innocent people’s cube walls.

Which reminds me of something you’ve probably already seen, as it’s been around forever, but it’s still hilarious. And it’s HERE. And HERE.


…in the restroom at work. I’m in a stall. 2 guys walk in, conversation in progress, and use the urinals…

Guy 1: There’s no such thing as luck. Once you acheive a positive mindset, everything follows, money, position, cars, women….
Guy 2: Well, I think luck is just seeing your opportunities, saying, I could do that…
Guy 1: It’s more than that…
Guy 2: Well, of course…
Guy 1: But that’s the point of it. “I could do that.” Reject the mindset of the victim, know that you can do anything, and everything will follow…

…and they walk out.

Are there countries where it would be unthinkable for anyone to say this? Can we get that country to invade us and kill these people?

Москва невоплощенная

Or, Unrealised Moscow. The Architecture of Moscow from the 1930s to the early 1950s – unrealised projects.

Some music…

…for my 5 loyal readers.

From Subpop we have a link to
Woman King
from Iron & Wine

and this guy has a few songs worth downloading on his page.

If you like any of it gimme a comment, you ingrate bitches.

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

I love this trailer – Jesus Is Magic – and I love Sarah Silverman, but not in a really, really dirty way, like Mr. Linnen does. (via goldenfiddle, via Superficial, etc, etc.)

Strindberg + helium



Strindberg + helium


According the the Time magazine I read in the Doctor’s office this morning, 30% of Americans think that they are overweight, while a staggering 64% of them actually are. I was looking for a punchline to go here, but I don’t really think we need one. We’re fat and stupid. There. Happy?


This post is really just me playing with my site. I need to get some kind of gallery thing installed, but while I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it, I’d like to post the occasional picture. So I figured I would just make a seperate page and link to it. Like this. Which is what I did here. To see how it would work. Instead of making the link the word “this” it would be something descriptive like blah blah I’m so fucking interesting and self-involved and look here’s a “picture of some friend where they look retarded”.

I told you this wouldn’t be interesting.

Must sleep…

All the Blogger posts have been imported, minus their comments and minus most of the pictures.

I think I’ve got all the basic settings… set.

WordPress, so far, rocks.

Time for sleep.