Archive for November 2005

Gallery Updated

My gallery is now prettier than it was. Since it was the reason I changed hosts, and then, in the process, lost all my posts, I thought I shoud gussy it up a bit. If anything is broken, or anything could be better, let me know. Also, if you have any idea why my gallery comments aren’t working, you can tell me that too.

Fresh Start

Yeah, that’s what this is. A fresh start. It certainly sounds better than “giving up because the transfer was too much of a pain in the ass and what that really means is that I think I forgot to back up something very important and now I’ve lost the first 11 months worth of my posts”. Ah, well… it was all crap anyway.


Ok, here’s the deal. I moved to a new webhost. I am transferring everything over, but I haven’t got the blog completely set up yet. I don’t want to post too much here, because this is just a placeholder until I get my old posts and format back. So… ugly blog, no content.

I have all of Thanksgiving week off, so if I absolutely can’t find the time to fix it all before, that’s when it will get done. Unless… you know how to fix it and will leave your contact info in comments and do it all for me? No? Oh well.


This isn’t exactly what I wanted. All my old stuff is gone. Well, while I’m trying to get all that stuff back, you can go look at my gallery.