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I’m rich, and so are you.

I own a house. Two cars. Two computers. I grow grass and plants in my yard because I like the way they look, and tending to them helps to fill my leisure time. My biggest problem at dinnertime is usually trying to decide what, out of all the options I have available to me, I want to eat. I’m approximately the 260 millionth richest person on Earth, which sounds kinda low, until you realize that makes about 5.7 BILLION people poorer than me.

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I’m loaded.
It’s official.
I’m the 260,173,914 richest person on earth.

If you don’t actively help the people below you, at least have the decency to not bitch about how tough you have it. That’ll piss me off. If you start in with how we need to cut welfare programs because of some anecdotal “welfare queen” story you heard once somewhere and accepted as the gospel, well that’ll make my fucking head explode. Best keep that to yourself. Enjoy what you’ve got, it’s more than most. Rant over. Carry on.

Gallery Update in progress…

The gallery was starting to look a little dark and dingy to me, so I threw open the curtains and got rid of that old gray and white theme. It was never very user-friendly, and I only liked it for about 15 minutes – the rest of it’s lifespan was due to inertia. What that leaves me with is the plain old default, but after months of darkness it looks bright and clean, and will do for now. What I’m currently focusing on is getting everthing organized, with titles for each picture, and getting more of the old stuff added.

To date, I’ve added pictures of our plumbing project from last weekend under “Home”, along with a couple of pics of the dog. They all got titles, as did many of the “Old Stuff” pics.

Who am I?

First, you click this link and choose 5 or 6 of the mostly nice words that you think describe me. Then, you click this link and choose 5 or 6 of the mostly bad words that describe me. Then we can all look at what a deluded freak I am when my choices for myself are totally different from everone else’s. IT’S FUN!

Also, I promise not to get upset by anything you choose, we all have our bad traits, and I accept that. Like when I hunt the people who have wronged me for sport and use their carcasses for food. That’s a trait that some may see as negative, and I’m working on it.

Also, I totally stole this from H. E. Ferrari over at The Blue Parrot. He did it first.

Things my house has taught me.

1. How to disassemble and replace all the moving parts in a toilet tank.
2. How to caulk a window pane into a window frame.
3. There is a type of pipe known as Orangeburg. It is a bituminized fiber pipe.
4. Bituminized = impregnated with, or covered with bitumen.
5. Bitumen = a black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation.
6. Fiber = In this case, cellulose fiber. Wood. Paper.
7. Orangeburg, after many years, is prone to soften and deform with age, allowing infiltration and root intrusion.
8. My house is 48 years old. For Orangeburg, this qualifies as “many years”.
9. Plumbers make way more money than I do.

House House House

We spent our first night in the house Saturday the 29th. We have a complete bedroom, about 75% of a bathroom, 50% of a kitchen and 25% of a living room. All of our textiles are moved, and we’ve done about 8 loads of laundry without using a single quarter. We have no TV and no computer (I’m making this post from work). The computer, along with it’s life giving internet service, will come over this Thursday. The television will be coming over too, but we are going to try and live without any cable. No HBO, no DVR, no basic with local channels, nothing. We are allowing ourselves DVDs and downloaded shows from iTunes, but our DVD player seems to have stopped wortking last week. So far I haven’t really missed it, but I’ve been busy around the house. Once we’re all moved and settled we’ll see how it goes.