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Update and Destroy

So I destroyed my gallery yesterday while trying to update it, which is why you see the ominous “Fatal Error” message over to the right instead of the random picture. I’ll be trying to fix it this weekend. Wish me luck.


Current Earth-Destruction Status

And, if you’re displeased with that, then here’s how to destroy the Earth.


29. Underworld:Evolution
Underworld - Evolution (Widescreen Special Edition)
Perfectly acceptable popcorn movie. There were a couple of times I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but then something would blow up and distract me. Kate Beckinsale is quite good, Bill Nighy is excellent at everything he does, and Scott Speedman, well, ok, he’s pretty bad. And, in this movie at least, he looks like the lead singer of Creed, who is a giant tool. Overall, though, fun and mindless.


*Date approximate*
26. Syriana
I wish movies like this would preach to someone other than the choir, but the choir says “amen”.


Is what I’ve been. Haven’t added much in the past month. Maybe I can get some stuff up this weekend…


So it doesn’t look like I added anything, but that’s because all the work was done in the Music and Movies pages, available under the pages heading on the right.



27. Capote
Strong performances, good movie. It left me wanting to know more about Harper Lee. Catherine Keener is excellent.


25. Clueless

Stuck at home, sick for days, need entertainment. Clueless is likeable and funny (and now old enough to be a classic, I guess), and it was $9.99 at Target. Score.

Mean Girls

24. Mean Girls
Mean Girls (Widescreen Edition)

Stuck at home, sick for days, need entertainment. Mean Girls is likeable and funny, and it was $9.99 at Target. Score.