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It’s Never Too Early

All I want for christmas is here. I know it seems expensive, but if you all pitch in together, and start saving now, I know you can do it.


33. Brick

We watched this a couple of weeks ago, and for the first 10 minutes or so I thought we were gonna have to turn it off. It’s high school film noir, and at first I couldn’t suspend disbelief long enough to be able to hear that type of dialogue coming out of teenagers. For instance:

Throw one at me if you want, hash head. I’ve got all five senses and I slept last night, that puts me six up on the lot of you.


See the Pin pipes it from the lowest scraper for Brad Bramish to sell, maybe. Ask any dope rat where their junk sprang and they’ll say they scraped it from that, who scored it from this, who bought it off so, and after four or five connections the list always ends with The Pin. But I bet you, if you got every rat in town together and said “Show your hands” if any of them’ve actually seen The Pin, you’d get a crowd of full pockets.

This is hardboiled, Dashiell Hammett dialogue, and should be coming out of Humphrey Bogart, not that kid who was in Third Rock From The Sun. (aka Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who actually turned out to be good in this movie, thus raising my opinion of him, though I still think his name is too long, and if I were going to refer to him again in this post I’d just type JG-L, but I’m not.)

And then, about 11 minutes in, it clicks. It doesn’t sound strange anymore, and you’re immersed in this atmospheric little mystery, and it works that much better for having taken the two genres and mashed them together. And the scene with Assistant Vice Principal Richard Roundtree is hilarious. Good stuff.


$25 is nothing. In an average month I spend more than $25 on beer and about another $50 on gambling. And this is me on our new budget. Before that I was a money disbursing tornado of fiscal irresponsibility.

At Kiva you can loan $25 (or more) to an entrepenuer in the developing world. Your money is added to that of others and together it forms a microloan. Each person has a specific goal they are trying to reach (buy a water tank, make used clothes stall bigger, repair trailer, etc) and a repayment schedule. Once the microloan is repayed in full you get your money back, and you can then reloan it to someone else or go buy some beer. I think it’s genius, and I plan to participate in the next week or two, as soon as we work it into our budget.

(via Julia, who did it first)


We have rats in the attic. Scampering, skittering rats. We bought a trap today, used peanut butter as bait, caught 2 of them and set them free far from home. There are more. I still hear the tiny feet. The hunt will continue tomorrow.

Last 8

The last 8 search terms which brought someone to my site, not including variations of “atomon”:

“sparkler burnt my thumb”

“mosquito sound”

“rumspringa pictures”

“cock and bull story”

“rumspringa pictures”

“camel non filters”

“how to disassemble a couch”

“RUMSPRINGA pictures”

This post will probably just make the whole rumspringa thing worse.


In view of this news item, which tells us of a woman awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit because someone said mean things about her on the internet, I’d like to offer the following completely true facts about people I know.

Ferrari – weekend drag queen.

Julie appears to be young and attractive – she’s 73 and maintains her looks by bathing in the blood of infants.

Ethan owes everything he has to Statan – except for his lil’ buddy, which Satan said he can’t do anything about.

On the internet. Completely true.

Comment Approval Required

I’ve been deluged with comment spam all of the sudden, so now when you make a commment I’ll have to approve it. Once I’ve approved your first comment any future comments by you should automatically be approved. So go ahead, leave a comment.


A couple of days ago I couldn’t open Firefox. I gritted my teeth, pulled up IE, kept unsuccesfully trying to browse with nonexistent IE tabs, and eventually found what I thought was the problem. There had just been a Firefox update, and obviously there was a conflict somewhere. Maybe it was a firewall issue. Maybe something else. I’ll just go check my email while I try to work this out and…

…my email won’t open. Outlook can’t read my email data file. Thunderbird still works though. Well, I have a couple of years worth of emails in the Outlook file, maybe I can work it out, but this looks like it’s going to take a while, so I’ll just put on some music, which goes fine…

…until we hit a song it can’t play. Eventually my boot drive wouldn’t even boot anymore due to corrupted files in the OS, and at this point it looks like the whole drive is imploding. Luckily I have a 2nd, larger drive that was being used as a backup. This drive seems fine, but I had to install the OS on it, update it for a couple of hours, reinstall all my drivers, etc, etc.

I can still access some of the stuff on the old drive, and I’m in the process of pulling over what I can from that sinking ship. I’m taking this opportunity to try and clean up my file system, the old drive is a mess of junk that’s been piled on top of other junk for years.