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ACL is Over

Bjork was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The Arcade Fire were excellent. Muse, MIA, Spoon and Andrew Bird were good. It wasn’t too hot, and it didn’t rain. A good time was had by all.

I’ve posted a couple of pictures over at Flickr.

Ian @ ACL

I’m posting a couple of pics to Flickr during the event from my phone,
but most of my pictures will come later when I download them from the
real camera. Probably Monday. BTW, Bjork was awesome last night.

ACL, 09/12/07

Yeah, I know it doesn’t start until Friday, but I’m gonna start writing about it now.

The White Stripes dropped out yesterday. According to their website, Meg is suffering from extreme anxiety and can’t travel for at least a month. I was going to miss their ACL performance, as Arcade Fire is playing at the same time, but I had tix to the Stubb’s aftershow, and that was, of course, also cancelled.

Amy Winehouse was initally scheduled, and she won’t be there either. This is less of a surprise, since she’s been self-destructing for a couple of months now.

Also out is Rodrigo y Gabriela, due to Gabriela suffering from exhaustion. They are also taking a month off.

I’m not heartbroken that I won’t be seeing these people perform, but as I sit here, about to start another workday, having worked weeks of OT and feeling tired in my bones, I can’t really feel that sorry for any of them. You made a commitment. Suck it up, and go to work like the rest of us. The day I can take a month off because I feel tired will probably be about 30 days before I die.

I could get used to this.

Had Labor Day off, so I’m starting a 4 day week today. Next week I have Friday off, then the following Monday, for ACL – so there’s two more 4 day weeks. I need to work in something for the last week of September, so I can do this for a whole month.

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