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Christmas time is (almost) here.

And hopefully I’ll have good stuff to write about in a week or so. Until then…

Happy Holidays to all my far-flung friends and family.


I left my iPhone at home today. Walked out the door with it sitting atop the toaster. (I don’t eat much toast, and it feels safer up high, off the counter.)

Since I got the phone last July, I have never been without it. The first several months were full of the joys of discovery, as I found new, intuitive ways to use it every day. For a couple of months after that there was appreciation, as I integrated all these uses into my daily life. Sadly, the last month or so, I feel I’ve been taking it for granted a bit. The wow factor is gone. If I want barbecue, of course I can just pull out this little touch screen device, type “meat food” into the map search, and instantly get names, locations on a map, phone numbers and websites I can call or visit with a touch. All phones don’t do that?

But now it’s gone. Or, not here. It’s on the toaster.

Ten times today I’ve reached for it to do something, check on something, make a note of something – and none of those times had anything to do with placing a phone call. I appreciate my iPhone again. I won’t forget it tomorrow.