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Day 3

so tired
there is no sugar left in my body
it has all been replaced by lettuce
wherever it is that lettuce grows
i hate that place

Day 2

Well, the food got better. Yesterday for lunch I got a salad, which is a perfectly serviceable lunch and something I would have eaten before. Granted, I would have had an ice cream bar when I was done, but still, it was an improvement over breakfast. For dinner we had grilled beef filet, sauteed mushrooms and garlic ginger cabbage. It was delicious, and I could eat that any day. Or every day. I would have normally had a beer or red wine with dinner, or a whisky after, but all in all it hardly felt like deprivation.

Then we come to this morning’s breakfast. It was a frittata, made with onion, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, and salmon. It was better than yesterday, and almost good, but I still seem to have a problem eating such a large meal so early in the morning. At least one that’s not full of bread and covered with cheese. I hear tomorrow we’re ditching the salmon for canadian bacon, so we’ll see how that goes.

Day 1: Meal 1

Breakfast was a learning experience. Coffee without sugar is not so bad and I could totally get used to it. V8 tastes like a Bloody Mary, and who wouldn’t like that? The main course was lettuce wraps filled with no fat cream cheese, roasted red peppers, capers, cucumber and smoked salmon. This, in theory, sounds really tasty. However, when I imagine this dish, it is evening, I am having a glass of red wine, and the wrap is an hors d’oeuvre slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball. About half a bite. I had two wraps, each roughly the size of a burrito. It was way too rich for breakfast, and I could barely finish them. I think the aim is to turn you off of food for the rest of the day. The dogs, on the other hand, love, love, love salmon for breakfast.

Tomorrow we will try some kind of frittata.

Day 0: Diet Begins Tomorrow

Elaine has created a diet for us, and tomorrow we begin. I’m down with it, and it is totally necessary (I’m pushing 200), but, for the next two weeks I will have no starch, no sugar, and… no alcohol. Pray for me.

Green Porno

Here you go.

Isabella Rossellini acting out the mating rituals of bugs.

This is possibly one of the best things I have ever seen on the internet.

You’re welcome.