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Reports of TV’s Death Somewhat Exaggerated…

The TV has not died, but it is incredibly diminished. We have gone from more channels than I could count including all the HBOs and all the Showtimes to Fox, ABC, CBS, CW (the CW?), NBC and PBS. More than that, we have given up the DVR.

The DVR promised to let me watch TV on my schedule. It was going to relegate the shows I like to my downtime, and never again would tv cut into my rich and full non-tv life.

In reality it allowed me to watch tv while recording something else that I would watch while recording something else. It is delicious and evil, and Wednesday I give it back.

…so that I can realize once again that I don’t have a rich, full, non-tv life. Maybe this time I’ll get one. If not the cable company will always give it back.

Time to Simplify

Amongst other things, the TV is about to die.

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