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I tried to have DirecTV installed this past weekend, but our trees on the south side of the house are too tall. Since that didn’t work out we decided to buy an AppleTV and cancel our cable altogether. We have Hulu Plus and Netflix and iTunes and the internet, so we’ll give it a couple of months and see if we feel like we’re missing out on anything. It seems like just about everything we watch is available elsewhere, the main problem is that it is available in a lot of different elsewheres. Going from TV+Internet with Time Warner to Internet only with Grande will save us over $100/month, and the internet is supposed to be faster, so we’ll see if the savings is worth the trouble.

For months now we’ve been paralyzed by every milestone, thinking the next one might be the one we fail. Every test we passed gave us hope, which gave us more to lose the next time. All along I thought that I’d eventually get past the last uncertainty, but life is always uncertain.

Today we learned we’re going to have a son.