Aftermath Life Debt

A big popcorn movie of a book. Looks like I’m reading the trilogy.

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Deep Down Dark

A compelling read about a barely imaginable experience, and a look into a mining subculture that exists within the larger Chilean culture about which I am mostly ignorant.

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I’ve never read a movie universe expanding book, whatever you call that, but the author was funny on Twitter and made people mad by including a gay character, so I gave it a go. I liked all the characters and enjoyed the deeper look at the universe that the non main story vignettes gave. On the other hand, after the heroes escaped death for the 37th time I started to expect they would do so on the 38th… and 39th. But it was fun; I’ll probably read more.

Started: 01/06/20

Finished: 01/08/20

Time: 6 hr 5 min

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Killers of the Flower Moon

Recently it seems like not a month goes by that I am not made aware of something incredibly awful that white people have done that I have never heard of before, and the last two have taken place in Oklahoma within the last hundred years. A compelling and disturbing book.

Started: 01/04/20

Finished: 01/05/20

Time: 5 hr 42 min

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Wilder Girls

It was diverting enough while I was reading it, but when this one was over and settling in my head it just reminded me of a YA Annihilation with less mystery and more friendship. Which is fine, but probably not a comparison that your book is going to come out on top of. It was mostly about the relationships between the main girls, who I liked. I felt like some of the interpersonal development was a little rushed; I would have liked a little more.

Started: 12/25/19

Finished: 01/04/20

Time: 4 hr 43 min

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Photo by Nate

The Boy apparently did not inherit my curse, as we both look completely normal in this quick one-off shot from Nate.

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Today in Terrible Photoshop

He eats a lot of Cheerios.
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Goodbye Facebook

Posted this to Facebook on December 18th:

I’m going to delete my Facebook profile on January 1st. I don’t really like their product, their business model or their leadership anymore. It no longer feels like it’s about connecting with people, which is what made it fun. They took a turn at some point into engagement metrics and growth above everything, and it’s gone from feeling like a friendly glass of beer with friends to angrily huffing paint fumes in an alley by myself. Start with that foundation and add on their seemingly willful incompetence in the face of platform abuses (data security, election manipulation, actual genocide) and I no longer wish to be a cog in this particular machine.

Here’s to hoping I see you all in many other places, be it a personal blog, another social platform, chat, photo sharing or even IRL. Maybe we could sit down for a friendly glass of beer.

I wish I had taken out one of those friend(ly)s, but the sentiment stands. I’ve extracted what I could from Facebook and I’d like to eventually clean it up and add it here in some form. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to contact me and don’t know how you can leave a comment here. I’m also still on Twitter and Instagram for the time being.

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Dinnertime Lego Assembly

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Vacation 2016: Day 5

Today I decided I was rested enough and needed to accomplish something, so after dropping the boy off I went to Home Depot for supplies. Several hours later I had re-caulked all around the tub and stripped the old spray frosting off the bathroom window, which was flaking off, and reapplied a new coat. Then it was off to meet Elaine at Nate’s preschool with gift bags I put together last night and cupcakes from Cupprimo. You can see pics of that here.

Activity: School birthday party.
Movie: 0.
Naps: 0.
Home improvement: 2.

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