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Friday Drink Post

It’s fiscal year end, work is crazy, and I might have to go in this weekend.

It’s Friday and the weather is finally getting cooler.

Tonight’s Drink:

Micheladas on the carport. Bring a chair.

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

32. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
Tristram Shandy - A Cock and Bull Story

A movie that attempts to capture an unreadable mess of a book turns out to be an (almost) unwatchable mess of a movie. It’s a shame, the preview made it look hilarious, and there was the unexpected bonus of Kelly Macdonald, who we like. She, however, like everyone else, had almost nothing to do. I understand making the movie all meandering and poorly structured like the book (very clever, nice work), and there were a couple of chuckles, but 2 laughs and a clever premise do not make an interesting movie. In this case, they make for a pretty dull one.

Free Stuff

Well, if you win. Engadget is giving away a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t buy for myself, but wouldn’t mind having – and all you have to do is leave a comment on the post. Stuff like an Xbox 360, a 42-inch Philips plasma, a couple of Slingboxes and, if you swing that way, a Zune. Best of luck, and if you win the Xbox you have to let me borrow it.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

31. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been busy. We’ve had 3 Netflix movies sitting by the television since July, and last night decided to finally watch one of them.

I wasn’t so sure about this movie for the first 15 minutes. It takes it’s time getting everything set up, and it took me about that long to get used to the structure and narration. After that it takes off. Well done, funny popcorn movie. I might watch it again before I send it back.


30. Hollywoodland
Saw this earlier at the Drafthouse on a work offsite. Adrien Brody and Diane Lane were great, as I expected them to be, and Affleck was really good, which I didn’t expect him to be. Not a great movie, but really good, and overall I would recommend it. I’ll give it a 75 out of 100. It gets 5 of those points as a bonus for the small role given to Caroline Dhavernas, who we still like from Wonderfalls. In fact, if you have limited time, just go watch Wonderfalls. Hollywoodland is sad.


And I quote, “Image of the solar transit of the International Space Station (ISS) and Space Shuttle Atlantis (50 minutes after undocking from the ISS, before return to Earth), taken from the area of Mamers (Normandie, France) on september 17th 2006 at 13h 38min 50s UT.”

Scroll down for the big picture, then click it for the really big picture. I vote for more of this.

I am part of the problem.

I got incredibly angry on the way home from work today.

I was listining to NPR, and there was an interview with Maher Arar, a Canadian engineer who was sent to the U.S. by Canada, then we sent him to Syria. In Syria he was imprisioned in a small underground cell and periodically tortured for a year. All of this took place because of allegations that he had terrorist ties, which turned out to be untrue.

You hear about secret prisons, you see our government trying to “clarify” the Geneva Convention (What exactly does “shall in all circumstances be treated humanely” mean? It’s so vague.), and then you hear the first hand account of a man who was taken from his wife and children, thrown in a hole and tortured for a year. What have you been doing for the past 12 months? Your country has turned into a police state, what are you doing now?

Well, what I did was come home, grumble to the Lovely Wife a bit, have a couple of beers and watch the two hour season premiere of America’s Next Top Model. My favorite so far is Michelle.

Must Have

I have seen many things on the internet that I saw and thought, I need that.

This wins.

And it comes with instructions on how to build it.

You in?

On a completely unrelated note, here’s the list of the top 9 jobs where bacteria thrive. Top 9? Not 10? I also have some issues with how this was put together, but I mention it because the Lovely Wife is a teacher and I am, more or less, an accountant. That’s right. #1 and #2.

New Start

I got out of the habit of posting here last month, August being my crazy busy work month. I kept looking at the site, and starting things, but couldn’t bring myself to get out a finished post. I felt completely blocked. My subject matter either seemed too big to tackle (trying to write a coherent post about Ann Richards) or too small to bother with (look at this cool link I found).

I’ve also been distracted by this greater, overarching idea I’ve had about creating a set of web pages all of which feed into a main page for a total, integrated web presence. Which is kinda like planning a hotel in the middle of the Siberian permafrost – it may be cool when it’s done, but why bother if you and your 5 friends are the only ones who’ll ever see it? I guess the journey is the reward, or some such crap.

Anyway, I decided the best way out of this was to just write something, as long as I was getting something on the page. I am committing to at least one post a day for the rest of this week, to see if I can get my rhythm back.

So here we are…


Oh, hey, look at this cool link I found.

66 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena.

Back from Houston

Back from Houston last night and a good time was had by all. We saw Body Worlds and the Houston Zoo, both of which were great. I might write about them in more detail later, but right now I’m tired, so click on the pic for a zoo gallery.